Giphy, the new selfie

Article from business week:

This article describes how Leibsohn and Chung created Giphy, and their reaction to having a successful startup. Obviously they are using technology with this idea using a database to sift through countless .GIF files to capture a few seconds of famous footage. A user pulls up their website ( and enters a search for “Peyton Manning”, and immediately the screen is filled with animated images of the all time great. Look out google, Giphy is dipping into some of your image searches with this original idea. The article also states that many people are joining the fad and posing exclusively for the Giphy team to create GIFs of them, much like a selfie. Some more cool tech under the hood is the ability to pause, play, and share the GIF from your own web site using HTML5. This furthers their methods of growing company awareness as anyone can link directly to their content seamlessly.


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